Policies & Fees




Phone consultation (approximately 15 minutes): Free

Sessions (50 minutes): £65-£85

I work with some health insurance providers




Session: A single therapy session usually takes place once or twice weekly and lasts 50 minutes at the same place and time, but this may be negotiated according to need and circumstances.

Lateness & Cancellation Policy: If you are late for a session, please expect the session to finish at the appointed time. In the unlikely event I am late, I will make up the time so long as this is possible for you, or reimburse you accordingly. You will be charged for any missed sessions, if they are not cancelled within 48 hours. If I cancel a session, you will not be expected to pay for it and, if possible, I will offer you an alternative.

Holidays & Breaks: I will try to give you good notice of forthcoming holidays and breaks, and I hope you will give me as much notice as you possibly can.

Payments: Payments can be made in cash, cheque or electronic transfer.


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